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Academic Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Admission and Retention

The enrollment of the students in UM Tagum College is a contractual relationship between the student and the school.  They have to comply with existing policies, rules and regulations of the school.  Their failure to do so empowers the school to impose sanctions in accordance with the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education.

Admission Pre-requisite

The basic requirement for eligibility for admission of a student in any collegiate educational programs shall be graduation from secondary level program recognized by the Department of Education.

Readmission and Denial

UM Tagum College has the right to impose other rules and regulations for the admission of students aside from the entrance examination.

In some degrees and programs, particularly in the tertiary level, the admission of students is not only subject to the College standards, requirements and regulations, but also to the requisites imposed by law.

The College has the right fitness of  students seeking admission and re-admission. A student’s failure to satisfy the academic standards set by the College shall be a legal ground for its refusal to re-admit him/her.

Apart from the academic deficiency, the violation of school rules is another ground for denying a student’s re-admission.

The closure of a program of study, or the closure of the school itself would justify its denial of a student’s re-admission. Diseases or health reasons are likewise bases to deny re-admission to the college.

Selective Retention Policy

To maintain quality education, the College adheres to a retention policy for all admitted students to wit:

Graduate School

The passing grade for the master’s student shall be 2.5. A graduate school student with a grade lower than 2.5, the prescribed passing mark for the Master’s programs, shall be required to reenroll the subject(s).


Undergraduate Freshmen and Sophomores who fail in fifty percent (50%) of their academic subjects will be placed under probation during the succeeding semester. They will be required to re-enroll and pass the subjects in which they failed by the succeeding semester. If they fail again in fifty percent of their subjects, they will not admitted in the next semester.

Juniors who fail sixty percent of their subjects during one semester will not be readmitted in the next semester.

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